Health Benefits of Minerals with Common Sources

Health Benefits of Minerals

Benefits of Minerals with Common Sources

Minerals are inorganic elements that occur naturally in earth and possess distinctive qualities that are essential for normal body functioning. Below we have given the Benefits of Minerals with common sources as a small ready reckoner.

Eating a healthy diet is important and is the best way to get the sufficient amount of minerals that we need.

Minerals Benefits Why you need it Common Sources
Calcium Strong bones and teeth. For healthy bones and teeth. Milk, milk products, cereals, egg, fish.
Copper Maintains healthy skin and hair. Helps the body to make haemoglobin. Raddish, garlic, potato, tomato, banana, soy.
Iodine For healthy thyroid, gives mental alertness. Keeps the thyroid gland healthy, prevents goitre. Sea salt, sea foods, milk, egg, meat.
Iron Gives energy. Keeps haemoglobin levels up, prevents anaemia. Apple, cereals, nuts, jaggery, green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, meat.
Potassium Lowers blood pressure. Keeps body cells healthy and hydrated. Banana, Orange, tomato, carrots, leafy vegetables, fish, chicken.
Phosphorous For strong bones, teeth and gums. For healthy bones and well regulated body systems. Nuts, potato, corn, peas, milk, cheese, chicken.
Manganese Reduces fatique, helps in blood clotting. Green leafy vegetables, cereals, pineapple, egg yolk.
Magnesium Gives energy, anti-stress benefits. Boosts energy by activating enzymes. Spinach, dark leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, lemon, milk.
Zinc Good for digestion and builds immunity. Prevents anaemia, promotes tissue growth and repair. Grains and pulses, cereals, milk, cheese, egg, fish, meat.
Selenium Antioxidant. A natural antioxident, retards ageing. Cereals, sea foods, meat, dairy products.

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