Top 10 Hollywood Movies That You Must Watch

Top 10 Hollywood Movies That You Must Watch

Discover and enjoy these world famous movies! We have given here Top 10 Hollywood Movies that you must watch. Each of these movies is one of the most celebrated and immortalized films in the world at the time of its release! Even though times and circumstances are changing, even now these movies can give innovative experiences and awe-inspiring. That’s the beauty of these films!

Top 10 Hollywood Movies That You Must Watch

The Great Dictator

This is the first talking picture created by comedian Charlie Chaplin! Charlie Chaplin boldly and politely criticized Hitler’s fascism during World War II! A character as a cruel dictator, a character as a Jewish navigator, Chaplin would have performed in his dual roles perfectly! Hitler itself has watched this movie twice! Appearing to be a dictator in the last scene, the film was heavily spoken for by Charlie Chaplin’s spoken verses. He would say: “More than machinery, we need humanity. More that cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities life will be violent, and all will be lost”.

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments is a wonderful epic movie that turned watching a movie into a great experience! The story is that the Jews who were Egyptian slaves according to the Bible were set free by Moses! Stunning visual systems, sets, tens of thousands of supporting actors. The film was made at great expense and received worldwide acclaim! The scene of Moses splitting the Red Sea was seen as the height of the uprising. Received four Oscars!


Legendary film with a history of winning 11 Oscars and receiving a unanimous reception from world screen fans! Benhur, accused of treason, is enslaved on board. The, how he rises again is the main story! The city of Rome is the story domain. The leap of horses, the huge chariots, the huge sets, the hair-raising scene where the slave pulls the big ship etc gave a magical experience! There is a scene where, when Jesus is dragged away to be crucified, he tries to give water! The U.S. government has treasured the film in the National Film Archives for its traditional culture, historical facts, and aesthetic aspect.

The Godfather

A film about a great Don! This is the forerunner of all ‘Don’ films! The film is the first to tell in intimidating visual language how a “Don” develops and how he gets status with the support of the common people! Conflict for family and business, a film that speaks to contradictions! Due to the impact of this film, in almost every language in the world, films were directed in the storyline like this film!
Like Marlon Brando who starred in it, all the leading heroes like Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth all acted in such movies very well!

Jurassic Park

Unforgettable movie by 90’s kids! The film showcased the giant dinosaurs, a bizarre animal that lived millions of years ago! The computer graphics of that time was really fantastic and well done! The film that broke how science transforms into a destructive force! The film that exposed the corporate conspiracies behind it! Got a collection of Rs.6,900 crore during that period! Won three Oscars.


This is the noblest love picture in the world! This movie is based on a major shipwreck in 1912. After researching in deep sea for five years, the story was made with linking a love story in it by James Cameron! Rose is a beautiful young woman who staggers between a committed patriarchal rich man and a vibrant young poor painter who can give his life for love. She finally accepts the love of the poor! The film won 11 Oscars and grossed Rs.


The king here is he who seeks the welfare of the people. He loves a duty-bound commander more than his son! The film depicts the atrocities committed by a selfish son for fear of not getting the throne after his father! The film is based on the true history of the Roman Empire in the second century and hence was taken after getting advice from many historians! A Great movie that won five Oscars!

The Lord of the Rings!

This film is an example of how the craze for myths is still alive in Europe! Director Peter Jackson filmed J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel in three films that ran for about 10 hours! After nearly four years of tireless, relentless hard work, they were subsequently released in 2001, 2002 and 2003! The film won 17 Oscars for the first and third parts, six and 11 respectively! Conflicts between the centers of power to seize a ring that can give an apocalypse, the ring itself is the cause of so much destruction in the midst of the struggles that a commoner who thinks to go and destroy it without anyone knowing! The war waged on human goodness by greed and lust for power is vividly visualized.

Da Vinci Code

Written by Danbrown, the novel has been published in 45 languages, including Tamil, and has sold over eight million copies. This is a detective film with the same vibrancy and horror as in the novel! The film is about the struggle between a group trying to save the evidence about Jesus’ heirs and a group trying to destroy it! Movie that enhances the search for history!


The stunning technologically sophisticated film created by James Cameron’s 15 years of hard work! The film is about a war waged by alien tribes to protect themselves from the center of power! The film tells the story of the tribes’ passion for nature! Avatar is a greatly valued film in visual aesthetic language and conceptually stated morality! No film has surpassed the global box office record (Rs. 19,210 crores!) for the next ten years!

These Top 10 Hollywood Movies That You Must Watch are something that a human being should watch and enjoy at least once in his life time!