Why does a seal cry ? Amazing, Fun, Interesting, Fascinating Facts about Seals

Why does a seal cry

We have many interesting questions that go around in our life and one such question is why does a seal cry ? There are so much of interesting facts about Seals and we have also given a few of them below.

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What are Seals?

Seals are the common name of an aquatic mammals called as the Pinniped. There are 33 species of Seals (32 as per Britannica) and they are of two types, namely Earless or True Seals of the family Phocidae and Eared Seals of the family Otariidae.

Why does a seal cry ?

When a seal comes to the land, it will look very miserable, with tears trickling down their eyes and cheeks. Actually, they are not crying or this is considered as an emotional expressions. When in land, these tears are naturally produced to lubricate their eyes.

Amazing Facts about Seals

  1. A species of Seals known as the Weddell Seals are excellent divers and swimmers.
  2. The female of the Seals are known as “Cows” and the male as “Bulls”.
  3. The Seals milk contains about 50% of fat.
  4. More than 50 species of Seals are extinct.
  5. The smallest species of Seals (Baikal seal) weighs around 45 kg to 130 kg while the biggest species of Seals (Elephant seal) weigh up to 3700 kg.
  6. Seals are found mostly in the Artic and the Antarctic, even though they are found throughout the world.
  7. Seals are able to sleep underwater.
  8. Seals use their whiskers like a cat to catch their prey inside the water.
  9. Seals are known as the puppies of the ocean.
  10. It is believed that Seals are related to bears.