Hardest Riddles in English with Answer | Can You Solve these Toughest Riddles Ever? Tricky Riddles | Difficult Riddles

Hardest Riddles that's Tough to Solve, Toughest Riddle Ever, Tricky Riddles, Difficult Riddle

Hardest Riddles that’s Tough to Solve. Can you solve these hardest riddles ever? Just try them out this toughest Riddle ever that are Tricky Riddle and at the same time Difficult Riddle.

Let’s check now the power of your brains. So let’s move… [Answers are given in the end of this page]

15 Hardest Riddles that’s Tough to Solve

  1. Three boys went to school under one umbrella, but any of them didn’t get wet. Why?
  2. What is that every live person has seen it, but will never see again?
  3. In Mumbai, there is a butcher who is 26 years old, five foot six inches tall, who wears a size 38 shirt, and number 7 shoe. What does he weigh?
  4. What is the longest word in the English language?
  5. Which table has no legs?
  6. Every time you stand up, you lose it. What’s it?
  7. In English language, what is the word that is always pronounced wrong?
  8. Adam and Eve never possessed these two things which they left for their children. What was it?
  9. This question can never be answered “Yes”. What’s the question?
  10. On which side of the Church does an X-mas tree grow?
  11. What never uses its teeth to eat anything?
  12. What has an eye open always, but can’t see anything?
  13. Four Doctors said that Calvin was their brother. But Calvin said that he has no brothers. Who is telling the lie?
  14. What goes with a train, comes with a train, is no use to the train, yet the train cannot go without it?
  15. What is that which no man wishes to have, yet no man would wish to lose it?
Answers to 10 Hardest Riddles that’s Tough to Solve
  1. It was not raining.
  2. Yesterday.
  3. He weighs meat.
  4. Smiles, because there is a mile between the first letter and the last letter.
  5. A timetable.
  6. Your lap.
  7. Wrong.
  8. Parents.
  9. Are you asleep?
  10. Out side!
  11. Comb.
  12. Needle.
  13. No one told any lie. The four Doctors were Calvin’s sisters.
  14. Noise.
  15. A Bald head!