Are Animal senses better than those of humans ?

Are Animal senses better than those of humans, Can animals sense earthquake

Are Animal senses better than those of humans? Can animals sense earthquake?

Yes, the sense of certain animals are much better than of humans.

How are Animal senses better than those of humans?

Sense of smelling of Animals

A dog’s power of smell is 25 times higher than that of a human. Due to this ability, dogs are used in police investigations to find the criminals.
The kiwi bird uses its sense of smell to catch its prey. This bird is found in New Zealand.
Certain type of cockroaches can detect the smell of their mates which are up to 10 kilometer away. They use their antenna like hairs in their body to sense the smell.

Sense of hearing of Animals

A human can sense the sound waves vibrating up to 20,000 cycles per second, while a dog can sense the double of it.
Owls have tremendous hearing capacity with which they catch their prey in darkness.
Cats have the capacity to hear higher frequencies than human and dogs, while dogs can hear higher frequency than humans.

Sense of sight of Animals

Doves have a special organ in their eyes which helps them in their extraordinary sight. They are capable to reach their nest fastly even if their eyes are half – covered.

Other senses of Animals

Sharks can sense and detect electric fields through a special organ present inside its head.
Pigeons are said to have senses that it can detect earthquakes and storms of distant places.

Can animals sense earthquake?

Certain animals can foretell an earthquake using their sense. Some birds, dogs, horses, cats, cattle are very much disturbed before an earthquake takes place and we can see their changes in behavior. This is due to the reason that certain animals can sense the extremely minor vibrations called, “Microseisms” which is preceded before a major earthquake.