Kairali Chicken ~ Healthy Traditional Chicken Meat ~ Kairali Chicken Benefits

Kairali Chicken

Kairali Chicken is one of the native chicken breeds of India and originated from Kerala. Lets look out some benefits of Kairali Chicken.

What is Kairali Chicken?

Kairali chicken is a Kerala breed of chicken. Its native is Kerala. Kairali chicks are also called as Gramalakshmi. It is good to consume as chicken and its eggs. It lays around 180 to 200 eggs in a year. The eggs are small in size and are light white in color. In 72 weeks, the bird attains a weight of approximately 1.7 kg. The Kairali chicks are rich in protein. Also there are a plenty of health benefits and medicinal properties available in these type of indigenous chickens.

What are the Tradition Chicken Breeds in Indian?

There are many native chicken breeds in India and we have given a short list of them.

1. Ankaleshwar
2. Aseel
3. Busra
4. Cari Gold
5. Danki
6. Daothigir
7. Debendra
8. Desi Murgi or Nati Kohli
9. Dhanraja
10. Ghagus
11. Giriraja
12. Gramalakshmi
13. Gramapriya
14. Kadaknath
15. Kalasthi
16. Kalinga Brown
17. Kashmir Faverolla
18. Krishna-J
19. Miri
20. Mrityunjay
21. Nicobari
22. Punjab Brown
23. Siru vidai
24. Tellicherry
25. Vanaraja
26. Yamuna

Where to Buy Kairali Chicken?

Kairali chicks can be bought from many poultries located in the entire country. One such farm to buy is JLS Farm, located in Nagercoil. The address is given below.

3-39A, Pleasant View Nagar, Azhagarkonam,
Aalamparai, Parvathipuram,
Nagercoil – 629003, K. K. District,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile: +91 – 9843521984 / 9080505070
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jlsfarm
Website: www.jlsfarm.com