Health Benefits of Vitamins with Common Sources

Benefits of Vitamins

Benefits of Vitamins with Common Sources

Vitamins are a group of organic substance that are required for growth, maintenance and reproduction. Below we have given the Benefits of Vitamins with common sources as a small ready reckoner.

Vitamins Benefits Why you need it Common Sources
Vitamin A Builds immunity, promotes healthy skin and eyes. Good for growing bones. Maintains skin and eye health. Mango, papaya, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, milk products, egg, fish and meat.
Vitamin B1 Promotes healthy brain and heart. Good for skin and eyes, nerves and blood cells. Pulses, rice, wheat, nuts, oil seeds, egg, fish and meat.
Vitamin B2 Promotes healthy brain and heart. Green vegetables, mushrooms, cereals, milk, egg, cheese.
Vitamin B3 Increases mental concentration. Tomatoes, beans, fish.
Vitamin B5 Enhanced blood count. Milk, sugar cane, Wheat, Egg yolk.
Vitamin B6 Helps in releasing energy from protein and fats. Wheat, potato, carrots, milk, egg, fish.
Vitamin B12 For healthy nervous system. Cheese, milk, egg, fish, meat.
Vitamin C Gives immunity, healthy gums. Good for skin, bones, teeth, immunity against infections. Lemon, orange, tomato, spinach, amla, guvava.
Vitamin D Strong bones and teeth Vital for strong and healthy bones. Sunlight, egg, fish, meat.
Vitamin E Antioxidant. Vital for blood health, good for hair and skin. Vegetable oils, nuts, cereals, butter, egg.
Folic acid Keeps skin healthy and helps in blood formation. Helps the body to optimize protein use, keeps blood healthy. Orange juice, nuts, dark green vegetables.

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