Stock Market Tips ~ 25 Tips for Success in Share Market ~ Rules, Guide & Tips in Stock Market

Stock Market Tips

Stock Market Tips for Beginners. We have given here 25 Tips for Success in Share Market. Take these Tips as Rules & Guide in Stock Market.

Stock Market Tips – 25 Tips for Success

1. Don’t rely on tips.
2. Don’t invest more in stocks than you can afford to lose.
3. Most speculations will make you lose in the end.
4. Target a reasonable return of 30% to 40% of your investment.
5. When the share has reached your targeted return, book profit by selling it (In Intraday, buy or sell the stock).
6. The reward is higher when the risk is higher.
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7. “Fortune favours the brave” – Latin proverb.
8. Only invest 65% to 75% of surplus in share market. Don’t borrow to invest in shares.
9. Look at the past performance of the company before investing in it.
10. Don’t put all your investment in one company. Diversify it and invest in different companies of different industries.
11. Buy and sell at the right time to book profit.
12. Get sufficient knowledge in share market before doing an investment.
13. Investing in Share market is an art and not a science.
14. Information is the king. Information makes money. There is no substitute for information.
15. Limit your greed and do not dream too big.
16. Don’t be in a hurry. Be cool. Increase your investment gradually.
17. Do small trades.
18. Keep the ratio of Profit and loss as 2:1
(more tips will be updated soon….)