Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste

Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste

Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste are the best to use for our Garden, which is both healthy and easy to make.

People who live cities have a hard time in disposing their garbage from kitchens. Unless the municipal workers come and pick up the kitchen wastes every morning, the garbage accumulates in your house itself or you just dump the wastes in some vacant lands. But dumping wastes every day on some place accumulates there and creates environmental problems. We can solve all these problems and also use the kitchen wastes effectively. Yes! Stop worrying about disposing kitchen wastes every day and let’s use it to make organic fertilizer from it.

Producing Bio – Fertilizer from kitchen Wastes

We can use any wastes formed in your kitchen such as Vegetable peels, Vegetable remains old vegetables & fruits, fruit peels etc. Non – Vegetable wastes from fish, chicken, meats etc. can also be used.

Requirements for making Fertilizer

  1. A mud pot or container with round bottom.*
  2. A lid to cover the container.
  3. A stand to keep the container.

* Choose the size of the container depending on the amount of waste that accumulates in your kitchen.

Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste Process:

At the bottom of the pot / container, make a hole of about 1 cm diameter using a nail. Then make a hole on the top of the lid of about 1 cm diameter. This hole is made to keep air circulation inside the pot.

Set the pot on the stand. Put a layer of sand or soil on the bottom of the pot. Now add a layer of kitchen wastes over it. Then again spread some more soil on the top of the wastes and do this process a few times.

Now keep a bottle below the pot to collect liquid drops that fall from the pot. You can also connect a tube from the pot to the bottle so that the drops full properly into the bottle. This liquid is an excellent organic fertilizer.

If you don`t want this liquid, just add some concentrated salt solution to the bottle which will kill the bacteria found in the liquid drops filling from the pot. Keep putting kitchen waste every day into the pot.

After a month, the organic fertilizer is ready to use. Always keep the pot outside your house and also close the pot tightly to prevent bad smells.

It  there  is any bugs or insects  inside the container spray some “Neem Oil Emulsion” .

Read: How to make “Neem oil Emulsion”.

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