Onam 2021 Date | When is Onam 2021? Thiruvonam 2021 Date

Onam 2021 Date | When is Onam 2021 | Thiruvonam 2021 Date

Onam 2021 Date is August 21, Saturday. Onam is the festival of harvest and is celebrated by Malayalis through out the world.

So lets see more details about Onam, its significations, Onam celebrations, Legend of King Mahabali, rituals of Onam, and other fascinating details that you would like to know.

Onam 2021 date is on August 21, Saturday

This year in 2021, the Onam festival is celebrated on August 21, Saturday.

Onam is actually a twelve day festival and we have given below in detail. The starting day of Onam is on Atham, as per the Malayalam calendar called the Kollavarsham.

Atham (August 12, 2021): People start the day by visiting temples, do prayers and more specially, they arrange the flowers in a design known as Aththapoo or Pookalam in front of their houses. This is to welcome the Legendary King Mahabali to their homes.

Onam Aththapoo PookalamChithira (August 13, 2021): Aththapoo is decorated with fresh flowers.

Chodhi (August 14, 2021): People purchase new clothes for onam celebrations.

Vishakham (August 15, 2021): People visit markets to buy ingredients for making Onam Foods and sweets.

Anizham (August 16, 2021): Aththapoo is decorated with fresh flowers.

Thriketa (August 17, 2021): Aththapoo is decorated with fresh flowers.

Moolam (August 18, 2021): Lights are decorated in main cities in Kerala.

Pooradam (August 19, 2021): Aththapoo is decorated with fresh flowers and in the centre clay statues, known as Onathappan is installed which is the representation of king Mahabali and Lord Vamana.

Uthradom (August 20, 2021): Regarded as First Onam.

Thiruvonam (August 21, 2021): This is the main Onam day. On this day, it is believed that King Mahabali would visit all the houses and bless them. New clothes are worn, Special vegetarian feast known as Onasadhya is prepared and enjoyed eating.

Avittam (August 22, 2021): Departure of King Mahabali. Flower arrangements are removed.

Chatayam (August 23, 2021): Onam celebrations by Kerala Tourism, Snake Boat race etc continues for a week.

Onam Festival Celebrations & Attractions

Please note: These celebrations that happened before the Covid Lockdown in 2020. Presently please get updations from Kerala Tourism for more details.

Onasadhya or Onam Feast:

This is one of the great attraction of Onam. This is the vegetarian feast with rice and many other side dishes and sweets. Onam is not complete without Onasadhya.

Puli Kali:

This is a folk art performed by artists dressed like tigers in the streets of Thrissur District in Kerala. Puli Kali is performed on the fourth day of Onam.

Aranmula Snake Boat Race:

This is a unique snake boat race (Palliyodams) that is held in the place called Aranmula in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.

Trivandrum Onam Festival Procession / Onam Floats:

This is a parade on the roads of Trivandrum by decorated vehicles, elephants, horses and various other art forms of Kerala.

Onam Dates Year Wise from 2018 to 2028

Year Date Day
Onam 2018 25-08-2018 Saturday
Onam 2019 11-09-2019 Wednesday
Onam 2020 31-08-2020 Monday
Onam 2021 21-08-2021 Saturday
Onam 2022 08-09-2022 Thursday
Onam 2023 29-08-2023 Tuesday
Onam 2024 15-09-2024 Sunday
Onam 2025 05-09-2025 Friday
Onam 2026 26-08-2026 Wednesday
Onam 2027 12-09-2027 Sunday
Onam 2028 01-09-2028 Friday