How to Download Brightcove Video [With Pictures]

Download Brightcove Video

“Very Simple Step. No paid software is required to Download Brightcove Video

Like many other video hosting websites, Brightcove is one of them. But downloading a video from Brightcove is very hard than youtube, vimeo etc.

We have given below the step by step process along with Pictures to Download Brightcove Video from a website. The steps are very easy and just follow it. We have given a very simple step and does not require any paid software or tool for it.

Please note, this is for study purpose only and please follow the legal policies of the website before you try to Download Brightcove Video from a website.

Step by Step Process

  • 1 Go to the website where the video you want to download is available. Click the video to open.Download Brightcove Video
  • 2 Right-click on the video and click “Player Information“.
    Download Brightcove Video
  • 3 Now take note the following details from the “Player Information“.Account ID
    Player ID
    Video IDNow, replace the same in the below formula URL., for example, if the datas are as below, then the URL will be as below.

    Account ID : 1452487563251
    Player ID : B165GHRT12
    Video ID : 178254632512

    Downloading Brightcove Videos

    Downloading Brightcove Videos

  • 4 Now open the below website in a new tab. the URL that we have made ready using the formula in the “Video URL” box and click “GET Video“. ( That sample URL = )Downloading Brightcove Video
  • 5 You can see the preview video in the left side.
    Now, Right click on any of the “DOWNLOAD” Link and select “Save Link As” and save it in your computer drive. It will be saved as mp4 video.
    That’s all. Your video is ready to be viewed offline.Downloading Brightcove Video

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